During the last months, we have introduced our team members through the “Behind Reincarnate” interview series. Today, we have asked Klaus Luig, Managing Director of 3L Architects and Industrial Designers, to tell us about his work in Reincarnate. 3L is part of the Technical Board team, providing their experience in integrative solutions. Take a look at what he has told us:

3L Architects and Industrial Designers (3L) has worked for over 20 years in the conceptual design and realization of building projects in Germany and abroad. The name 3L stands for the words in German Liebe – Lust – Leidenschaft, which means “Love – Enjoyment – Passion”. At Reincarnate, they are bringing all these ingredients to their Work Packages and their holistic approach to building and construction processes that go beyond design oriented.

3L is working on Work Packages that need their input and experience, such as WP1 Reincarnate Circular Potential Information Management (CP-IM). Therefore, they are contributing to the development of the technologies required to centralize all information needed to assess the potential to avoid and make the best use of construction waste for a building. Specially 3L focuses on the ontology that formalizes the knowledge and the Circular Value Flow Planning Module creating methods for regional and cross-regional.

Regarding Solutions for waste reduction and lifetime extension (WP2), 3L is working with other partners in the Building upgrade and renovation task. This task involves developing concepts for renovating buildings to extend their functional lifetime. Moreover, 3L contributes to Upgrade solutions for construction producttask, summarising existing possibilities to extend the lifetime of architectural and mechanical building components and products.

At Reincarnate, we aim to develop social innovations to foster the widespread adoption of construction waste reduction concepts. Thanks to partners, such as 3L, leading the task of Business ecosystems for circular markets, we will develop a business maturity model for each stakeholder’s group identified. As a result, we will understand how knowledgeable and experienced a stakeholder is concerning providing added value to a retrofitting project team, but also for the readiness to perform in a business ecosystem setting.

Throughout the project, 3L will be engaged in the coordination of Reincarnate. Furthermore, as part of the Technical Board, they participate in technical discussions, nourishing the knowledge created with their architecture and industrial design expertise.

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