At Reincarnate, we are working to develop the technical and social means to give new opportunities to buildings, construction products and materials — thus maximising their life cycle and determining if they are suitable for reuse. This will only be possible thanks to the work of the Reincarnate team, made up of 16 partners present in 8 countries. From leading research institutes and universities to highly acclaimed SMEs and large companies — with expertise in robotics, wearables, artificial intelligence (AI) and social sciences.

Through the “Behind Reincarnate” interview series we are introducing the great team behind our project. On this occasion, we have asked Alicja Kuczera, CEO at the Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC), to tell us about her work in Reincarnate.  Take a look at what she has told us:

The Polish Green Building Council is a non-governmental organisation that, since 2008, has been working on transforming buildings, cities, and their surroundings so that the way they are planned, designed, constructed, used, modernised, demolished and processed is as sustainable as possible. They are a key partner to the project supporting the creation of sustainable buildings for all through applying the principles of a circular economy.

PLGBC is part of a global community of more than 70 green building councils’ organisations brought together under the World Green Building Council. Thanks to their network, Reincarnate will build synergies with shared values bodies, providing the skills and knowledge to transform the construction sector.

At Reincarnate, they lead the business process mapping and training materials task that is part of the Work Package “Demonstration and Standardization”. All the partners involved aim at demonstrating how construction waste can be reduced both on the level of single buildings, as well as across regional markets.

The transfer of knowledge is essential for a project such as Reincarnate. Therefore, PLGBC will develop an interactive training material for the innovations provided online, using a dedicated teaching platform such as Moodle. By means of this plarform, the Reincarnate project will provide detailed data on social behaviour in the wider construction industry as well as raise awareness of the re-use of building products and materials while maintaining high quality.

PLGBC are the united voice of the current and future leaders of the construction industry, striving to its transformation in response to the planetary emergency. They are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, where circularity is a vital part of the journey. As part of Reincarnate, they will support shaping, training, and cooperating in the dissemination of our findings.

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