The DIGICON 2023 convention, titled “The digital city of the future – New opportunities for your business model”, was held in Munich on September 13th and 14th. It is the annual event of Digitale Stadt München e.V. and is one of the major conferences on digitalization topics in the Munich Metropolitan Region. At the conference, Dr Christoph Völker, from our partner Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM), showcased SLAMD, the open-source app they bring to the Reincarnate project digital innovations (10) for circular materials.

Since 2016, the event has brought together renowned experts and top decision-makers from industry, politics, and research in Munich to discuss digital opportunities for the future. In recent years, the event has focused on topics such as quantum computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous driving, and digital skills. The presentation of BAM’s digital lab twin (SLAMD) was well-received by the participants from the public and private sectors.

Copyright Digitale Stadt München e.V. Photos: Simon Debes - Iconic photography

Copyright Digitale Stadt München e.V. Photos: Simon Debes – Iconic photography

Christoph Völker, Data Scientist at BAM, affirmed: “At DIGICON 2023 in Munich, we presented SLAMD together with our partners from iteratec. SLAMD is an innovative material design tool for sustainable practices in the construction sector. It is based on digital twin technology and AI predictions. Our presentation illustrated the potential for positive change by combining research and industry experience. We showed how cross-industry collaboration was crucial to the realization of this project. This presentation highlighted the Reincarnate project’s core values of using digital innovation to have a positive impact on the environment.” 

Participating in DIGICON events allows companies to share ideas on digitization topics and learn from each other. For our efforts in promoting a circular construction sector, active involvement in such events is crucial to understanding the end-users’ concerns. With innovations like SLAMD developed by partner BAM, the Reincarnate project will be able to create CO2-reduced and ressource efficient formulations quickly and cost-effectively for high-performance concrete of the future, using waste materials.


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