While implementing the Reincarnate project, we have been explaining the importance of transforming the construction industry into a circular one. In this linear and business-as-usual model, the sector generates over 38% of the total waste and uses almost half the materials extracted globally annually. This unsustainable operation needs to be stopped and replaced with what we call a reincarnation practice in our project. 

The reincarnation practice means maximising the cumulative benefits of a building, building product, or building material during its life, creating a transparent record of these benefits, and using this record and the high degree of reliability and trust that comes with it to ensure that a building, building product, or building material can be reused at a high quality in an afterlife.

In our fresh #ReincarnaTalks episodes, you will get to know the people working behind Reincarnate, their contributions, opinions and thoughts and explore the social and technical means paving the way for landing and establishing this reincarnation practice.

#7 Navigating the complexity of a multi-actor sector

Concluding these series, Benjamin Moreno Torres from the Technical University of Berlin takes centre stage in the last #7 episode, detailing his efforts on our upcoming demonstrators. Tune in as he articulates the significance of the Reincarnate project.

#6 Unleashing behavioural change in construction

In Episode #6, meet João Gonçalves from Erasmus University Rotterdam, delving into our social developments and market adoption. Join him as he extends a call to the community, outlining reasons to unite and engage with these research and innovations.

#5 Crafting tomorrow’s sector with a carbon footprint digital tool

Episode #5 shines the spotlight on Witold Olczak from Mostostal Warszawa S.A., where he unravels one of our digital innovations, its real-world applications and reasons why our project holds immense importance in today’s context.

#4 Overcoming language barriers in implementing circular strategies

In episode #4, discover the essence of our project with Samaneh Rezvani from DEMO Consultants. Join her as she shares our mission and her work on our ontology and its impact on the industry.

#3 Transforming Earth’s future with tiny demonstrators

In the #3 episode, Klaus Luig from 3L Architects breaks down our mission, showcases  the tiny house demonstrator case, and underscores the importance of every stakeholder in the green and digital transformation of the sector.

#2 Bridging the old and new for empowerment and inspiration

In the #2 episode, meet André van Delft from our partner, DEMO Consultants, as he sheds light on the significance of Reincarnate. Discover firsthand the technical innovations he is working on and learn the reasons to become part of our community of practice – the changemakers.

#1 Materialising the circular construction through AI-driven tools

In this #1 episode, join D. Christoph Völker from our partner Bundesanstalt für Materialschung und -prüfung (BAM) as he unveils SLAMD, the open-source app contributing to Reincarnate’s digital innovations focused on advancing circular materials. 



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