We are glad to announce that our project has been included in the latest SB4EU Smart Buildings EU-funded Innovations brochure.

This brochure provides a portfolio of synthetic factsheets concerning 101 EU-funded projects, which have been identified and selected for their particular relevance with the Smart Building topic.

Click here to read the Smart Buildings EU-funded Innovations brochure

Most projects presented in this brochure are aligned with key measures from the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and/or the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), with the EU Green Deal, and for some of them also with the New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative. Several projects are focussing on innovative technologies (e.g. plug and play solutions, one-stop-shops, etc.) which will facilitate Deep Renovation of the EU building stock (4RinEU, BuiltHUB, BIMREN, BIM-SPEED, ENSNARE, INCUBE, P2Endure, PLURAL, StepUP). Some of them give a specific attention to Circularity (DRIVE 0, Reincarnate) with technologies which aim for instance to reduce the amount of construction & demolition waste. This includes also supporting the development of Sustainable Energy Skills (ARISE, BUSGoCircular) so that the EU workforce becomes more familiar with the possibilities offered by smart building technologies.

Reincarnate’s purpose is to develop innovative solutions to create a greener construction industry. Technical and social means to give new opportunities to buildings, construction products and materials, maximizing their life cycle and determining if they are suitable for reuse.

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