The Reincarnate project has joined the Tech4EUConstruction cluster, committed to digitalising and automatising the European construction sector, making it safer and greener, and enlarging its scope through the initiative. Leading the cluster, European projects BEEYONDERS, RoBétArmé and HumanTech have officially welcomed Reincarnate to tackle critical challenges in the construction sector collaboratively. 

Funded by the European Commission, the cluster members aim to develop and demonstrate new technologies to further digitalise and automatise the European construction sector, targeting to increase its safety and attractivity for workers. Finally, the cluster seeks to stimulate the EU’s sovereignty in the industry, decreasing the need for technological imports. These objectives align with the Reincarnate project, whose goal is to transform the sector through technical and social innovations, providing new opportunities for buildings, construction products, and materials.


Building lasting transformation brick by brick through the power of collaboration

The construction industry needs various innovations to accelerate its digital and green revolution. According to the EU BIM task group, the industry could benefit from significant cost savings of 13% to 21% during the design, engineering, and construction phases and 10% to 17% during operations globally if it fully embraces digitalisation by 2025. On the other hand, the European Commission underlines that the industry contributes over 35% of the EU’s total waste generation and greater material efficiency could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80%.

With the core ambition of addressing the challenges hampering the EU’s competitiveness in the construction sector, the co-founder project BEYONDERS produces, commercialises, and integrates beyond state-of-the-art solutions into real construction scenarios. To do so, the project will make extensive use of AI, automation, and digitisation. 

The construction industry remains one of the most labor-intensive sectors in the world. Despite the availability of robots and automated technologies that could speed up and streamline repetitive and time-consuming tasks, their adoption has been slow. According to AEC business, although remote-controlled machines for excavating, material handling, concrete placing, finishing, fireproofing, earthworks, rebar placing, and other construction tasks have been available since the 60s, 70s, and 80s, they are not widely used.

To revolutionise Construction 4.0, the co-founder project RobetArmé aims to automate labor-intensive tasks in shotcrete application, targeting improved safety, productivity, and sustainability. They are working to deliver a Human-robot collaborative construction system for shotcrete digitalisation and automation through advanced perception, cognition, mobility and additive manufacturing skills.

We will collaborate with Tech4EUConstruction and gain insights from the co-founder project HumanTech to learn about their cutting-edge technologies. Their goal is to establish a digitally-enabled work environment that prioritises the safety, health, and well-being of highly skilled construction workers and engineers while also enhancing productivity and resource efficiency.


Growing and evolving collaborations

With a vision to streamline and enhance construction processes through automation, our sister project RECONMATIC proposes a set of innovative tools and techniques for managing construction and demolition waste (CDW) throughout the whole life cycle of buildings and infrastructures, addressing European targets for waste and energy consumption reduction in construction. They have joined the Tech4EUConstruction cluster, strengthening the construction industry’s circular approach like Reincarnate.



With a focus on Building Information Modeling (BIM), BIM2TWIN seeks to createinterconnected digital twins of construction projects, promising heightened efficiency and accuracy throughout the construction lifecycle.The project’s primary aim is to provide the construction sector with a breakthrough platform for construction management. This innovative tool is based on the Digital Building Twin (DBT) concept enriched by several functionalities in relation to real-time data collection and end-user applications. Relying on lean principles and adopting a comprehensive, holistic approach, BIM2TWIN’s ambition is to reduce operational waste, shorten schedules, reduce costs, enhance quality and safety and reduce carbon footprint. The DBT platform that BIM2TWIN is developing will provide situational awareness across the entire construction process, supporting a closed loop Plan-Do-Check-Act construction mode.


InCUBE envisions to unlock the EU renovation wave through cutting-edge standardised and integrated processes based on industrialisation, innovative renewable energy technologies, digitalisation, and new market entrants. All while accounting for social inclusion, gender mainstreaming and upskilling of the current and potential workforce. The solutions emerging from InCUBE will be validated in 3 large-scale demo sites: Zaragoza (Spain), Trento (Italy) and Groningen (Netherlands).



The members of the cluster share with Reincarnate the implementation of AI and automation to establish sustainable practices in the industry. Reincarnate aims to leverage robotic automation to facilitate the efficient, seamless, and cost-effective implementation of three specific innovations: building inspection and valuation, upgrade solutions for construction products, and on-site waste assessment and separation.


Reincarnate’s contribution to the Tech4EUConstruction cluster

Tech4EUConstruction is a cluster that focuses on integrating robotics, AI and digital solutions. The Reincarnate team will benefit from the infrastructure and experience of the Technical University of Berlin, our academic project partner and coordinator. The university has already developed robotic solutions at TRL 2-3 in previous research projects, and its expertise will be invaluable to the project and the European cluster.

As a new member of the European cluster, the Reincarnate project intends to support various collaborative activities, starting with the use of the logo. This will help strengthen our collaboration and make it easier for our key stakeholders to recognise us. Moreover, we will use the hashtag #Tech4EUconstruction for updates on our joint activities as we work together to shape the construction landscape in the EU. 

Our common goal from now on at the Tech4EUConstruction cluster is to develop breakthrough technologies that support technological sovereignty in the construction industry. We are excited to begin this journey and would like to express our appreciation to the co-founder projects for this joint initiative.



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