Reincarnate was presented at the Austrian Standards Standardization Committee Building Information Modelling (BIM) meeting on January 26th. The meeting was attended by about 50 representatives from public authorities, construction companies, software companies, research institutions, infrastructure managers, architects and civil engineers, and other stakeholders. Two special guests from the Austrian Ministry of Economy and Labour also attended the meeting. The Austrian BIM committee is mirroring European and international standardization activities of CEN/TC 442 “Building Information Modelling “, ISO/TC 59/SC 13 “Organization and digitization of information about buildings and civil engineering works, including building information modelling (BIM) “and ISO/TC 10/SC 08 “Construction documentation”.

During his presentation, our colleague Stefan Wagmeister, who is the manager of the BIM committee, explained the goals and tasks of our project. He aimed to make the attendees knowledgeable about the project objectives and the new developments that it aims to bring. Mr. Wagmeister also invited the Austrian experts to subscribe to the project’s newsletter to stay updated and learn more about it.

The experts were prepared for additional engagement activities after raising awareness. They were asked to provide feedback on the standardization work proposed by Reincarnate. Standards and standardization are crucial to the project’s success as they increase the market uptake of the novel solutions developed by Reincarnate. On the one hand, when the project’s results are based on standards, they become part of revised standards or even the foundation of a new European standardization deliverable. As the market applies standards, the novel products and systems developed by the project are used and recognized by the market. On the other hand, standardization is an open, transparent, and inclusive multi-stakeholder co-creation process.

These characteristics have enormous added value. Representatives from different stakeholders, including potential users and customers, contribute their expectations and requirements for the novel solutions subject to standardization. This enriches the quality of the Reincarnate development process and supports the innovation uptake.


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