Every year in November, the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) takes place, an initiative to promote actions about sustainable resources and waste management. This year, the Reincarnate project participates in the week to raise awareness of the need to transform the construction sector into a circular one. 

Nowadays, Construction, Demolition, and Waste (CDW) represent approximately 25-30% of all European waste. Therefore, Reincarnate is advancing circular economy practices feeding a closed cycle of extended use, reuse, and recycling. The project will tackle the sector’s challenges using the innovations presented in these pills during the European week.

From Monday, 21st to Friday, 25th of November, the Reincarnate team from Spain to Hong Kong – and from SMEs to non-profits – will explain the project in five short pills. They aim to understand how Reincarnate is developing technical and social means to give new opportunities to buildings, construction products and materials. By taking part in this week, Reincarnate wants to inspire all agents willing to move towards circularity. 

By providing an overview of the project’s spirit, the construction sector’s challenges, upcoming solutions and more, Reincarnate is joining the most extensive campaign to raise awareness about waste prevention in Europe. Furthermore, the European project is reaffirming its commitment to revolutionising the construction industry by maximising the cumulative virtues of buildings, establishing a transparent track record and using this to ensure building materials can be reused. 

All interested people in a circular economy, technology and the construction sector are invited to listen to these short pills. They will be delivered by the project consortium members and published on social networks – Twitter and LinkedIn.