This is the first article of the #ReincarnaTECH Series that aims to report the Launch version of the Circular Potential Information Platform (CP-IM) which operates as an essential segment of the Reincarnate project. While CP-IM will be created as dynamic integration of several distinct components, the launch version consists of the integration of its two core components, the DMO RE Suite real estate information management platform and the Mainflux open-source IoT Platform. This article summarises both platforms, their function within CP-IM as well how to use them in this phase of the project.


The Circular Potential Information Platform (CP-IM)

The overall objective of the Reincarnate project is to create technical, commercial and social instruments within the real estate and construction sector which will enable the extension of the lifetime of building products, elements and materials and foster their reuse in other projects and settings.

CP-IM, the Circular Potential Information Platform, is the essential segment of the Reincarnate project whose function is to provide the centralization of all necessary information and data needed for the evaluation of elements at all systemic levels of a building for the avoidance of construction waste and the best reuse of it. In this regard, it will be created as the dynamic integration of several distinct technologies, which are: 

a) Distributed database that is being created on ontologies that describe above mentioned systemic levels of building, i.e., building products, elements, and materials, as well as ontologies for calculating the carbon footprint of these elements

b) Mainflux Open-source IoT Platform that will serve as a digital foundation for secure IoT data collection and processing, tracing construction components and materials through their life cycle and different use cycles and Reincarnate Digital Twin Platform which will provide a database of digital replicas of real-world objects.

c) DMO Real estate information management platform – RE Suite with many functionalities including data collection, real estate and assets control and management, maintenance, graphical 3D visualisation, building elements inventories, querying, and filtering as well as interoperability with existing BIM solutions via IFC.  

d) REINCARNATE Digital Twin platform that will be created as integration between RE Suite and Mainflux IoT Platform.

e) Circular Potential Prediction Module that will facilitate lifecycle-based assessment methods for buildings, construction products, and materials with computer vision and deep learning technologies

f) Circular Value Flow Planning Module that will enable planning regional and cross-regional circular value chains by establishing connections between the BIM models and planning tools and the existing product lifecycle management (PLM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM) systems of waste management companies (RAS), construction product and material suppliers (LAF), and contractors (MOS, VIAS).

Figure 1: CP-IM platform 

The Reincarnate project also conceived a set of technical and process innovations that will leverage the CP-IM platform and combine it with a holistic approach for achieving waste avoidance and circular reuse. The innovation disposition of the whole concept, in which the CP-IM platform is at the centre of technical and process innovations is depicted in the following diagram.

Figure 2: CP-IM platform and process innovations

The platform can be accessed via https://demo.demobv.nl/. Upon the entry, access to the main two applications is provided: ReSuite and Mainflux as shown in Figure 3 . The two applications will work together to accommodate the needs of the project and embed the innovations that will be developed during its implementation. 

Figure 3: CP-IM platform entry page

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Background note

Reincarnate aims at advancing circular economy practices within the European construction industry and enabling to significantly maximise the life cycle of buildings, construction products and materials, reduce CDW by 80%, increase the reusability of buildings, construction products and materials and, as a result, lower the sector’s emissions by 70%. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 101056773.



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