This is the second article of the #ReincarnaTECH Series that aims to report the Launch version of the Circular Potential Information Platform (CP-IM) which operates as an essential segment of the Reincarnate project. While CP-IM will be created as dynamic integration of several distinct components, the launch version consists of the integration of its two core components, the DMO RE Suite real estate information management platform and the Mainflux open-source IoT Platform. This article explains the RE Suite application, its function and usability. 


The Real Estate Suite (RE Suite) application

In the first article of this series, we learned that RE Suite is one of the main CP-IM Platform applications and a core element. But what is this about?  

The RE Suite (short for Real Estate Suite) is a real estate information management platform. It assists real estate owners, managers and users with and through collecting, structuring, analysing and disclosing information. The RE Suite consists of various modules, targeting both buildings and civil infrastructure throughout the entire real estate life cycle, from inception to end. Through configuration of these modules the RE Suite can be tailored to various problem domains and support a broad variety of workflows and end user needs.

The RE Suite is a cloud application, accessible through all browsers via https://demo.demobv.nl. To support on-site workflows, the RE Suite is supported by an iPad app: RE OnSite. This app is available from the Apple AppStore.

Figure 1: RE Suite Application Navigator

For the Reincarnate project, the RE Suite is configured as a graphical user interface of the CP-IM and configured with the following modules:

  • RE Maintenance: RE Maintenance supports a full building manager workflow, from portfolio management, through inspection and condition assessment compliant with NEN2767 onto creation of multi-year maintenance plans (MYMP).
  • RE BIM: RE BIM unlocks Building Information Models and two-way interaction of both automation and human variety. IFC files can be opened as is or uploaded to the document population and linked to a real estate object for use elsewhere in the software.
  • RE Report: RE Report allows users to generate a variety of documents with the push of a button to report on workflows, processes, or events.

Figure 2: RE Suite process navigator (1), object navigator (2) and working area (3)


In this scenario, how data protection is secured?

Privacy and security are of the utmost importance in any software application.  The RE Suite both hosts and exposes data in human and machine-readable formats and could as such be vulnerable to exploitation resulting in data leaks. To mitigate this a number of measures are implemented, such that the RE Suite is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Within the RE Suite role assignment allows for authorisations to specific processes. As such functionality is only accessible to individual users with explicit permission

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Background note

Reincarnate aims at advancing circular economy practices within the European construction industry and enabling to significantly maximise the life cycle of buildings, construction products and materials, reduce CDW by 80%, increase the reusability of buildings, construction products and materials and, as a result, lower the sector’s emissions by 70%. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 101056773.



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