The European Commission’s “Digitalisation of Construction SMEs” project has just launched its new website. It includes the digitalisation support services it offers — from a digital maturity scan to an interactive handbook and training schemes — which will contribute to the digital transformation of the construction sector.

The website provides a platform for construction SMEs interested in digitalising their business. In particular, it includes details on business digitalisation and digital technologies in construction.

At Reincarnate, we are confident that it will be of great benefit to the industry, as Rogier Jongeling, founder and partner of Plan B, our consortium partner, states.

“For Reincarnate, this is a great new tool supporting the digital transformation of our sector and we aspire to have our innovations for a greener construction industry included in the collection of best practices. Digital and Green are the twin transition Europe is aiming for. Reincarnate is developing the technical and social means to reuse and maximise the life cycle of buildings, construction products and materials — thus advancing circular economy practices in the European construction industry.”

Rogier Jongeling, Founder and Partner at Plan B

The services of the new platform are geared towards improving the understanding of digitalisation, covering technologies SMEs use in construction such as BIM, 3D printing and scanning, robotics, drones, sensors and IoT, including:

  • A digital maturity scan to help evaluate the digitalisation level of a company.
  • An interactive handbook providing a general understanding of digitalisation in construction and specific steps and recommendations for digital company processes, company culture and technologies.
  • A calendar for in-depth training sessions to further deepen the knowledge provided in the handbook.
  • A collection of best practices provided by construction SMEs which implemented digitalisation projects.

Why is this interesting for Reincarnate?

Along with the Circular Potential Information Model (CP-IM), Reincarnate introduces a set of technical and process innovations that extends existing information and communication technologies methods and innovations from low technology readiness levels (TRL 1-4) to proven technical solutions at the system level (TRL 6). These innovations intend to transform the construction industry by:

  1. Increasing the utilization of construction and demolition waste and reusing high-quality construction products.
  2. Creating new value chains and sustainable business models for a green EU industry.
  3. Reducing CO2 emissions and increasing the independence of the EU construction market in the international market for construction products and materials.

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Digital construction: The European Commission launches a website on the digitalisation of construction SMEs - EBC Construction