Our team


We are members of the Tech4EUconstruction Cluster

Reincarnate has joined the initiative created by the Horizon Europe projects BEEYONDERS, HumanTech, and RoBétArmé: the Tech4EUconstruction cluster.

The Cluster is open to other EU-funded projects such as Reincarnate working on AI and Robotics in Construction, and willing to collaborate on different aspects, such as joint promotional and dissemination activities, mutual exchange of projects’ expertise and technical innovations, and co-creation of workshops and events.

Funded by the European Commission, the cluster members aim to develop and demonstrate new technologies to digitalise further and automatise the European construction sector, targeting to increase its safety and attractivity for workers.

Finally, the cluster seeks to stimulate the EU’s sovereignty in the industry, decreasing the need for technological imports.

The projects involved

BEEYONDERS’ core ambition is to address these challenges by producing, commercializing and integrating beyond the state-of-the art solutions into real construction scenarios. To do so, the project will make extensive use of AI, automation, and digitisation.

Human-robot collaborative construction system for shotcrete digitization and automation through advanced perception, cognition, mobility and additive manufacturing skills.

HumanTech is advancing innovative human-centred technologies — from robotic devices and exoskeletons to a new generation of digital twins — to help make the construction industry safer, greener, more efficient and attractive to a new generation of highly skilled workers.

RECONMATIC proposes a set of innovative tools and techniques for managing construction and demolition waste (CDW) throughout the whole life cycle of buildings and infrastructures, addressing European targets for waste and energy consumption reduction in construction.

InCUBE envisions to unlock the EU renovation wave through cutting-edge standardised and integrated processes based on industrialisation, innovative renewable energy technologies, digitalisation, and new market entrants.

BIM2TWIN aims to provide the construction sector with a breakthrough platform for construction management. An innovative tool based on the Digital Building Twin (DBT) concept, enriched by functionalities related to real-time data collection and end-user applications.

HERON aims to develop an integrated and automated system to perform maintenance and upgrading roadworks. It also aims to support visual inspections and dispensing and removing traffic cones in an automated and controlled manner.

Follow our hashtag #Tech4EUconstruction to stay tuned on the cluster’s latest activities and news.