During the last few weeks, we have introduced our team members through the “Behind Reincarnate” interview series. Today, we have asked Carmen Serna, Project Manager at Australo, to tell us about their work in Reincarnate. They are coordinating the communication and dissemination actions in the project. Take a look at what she has told us:

Australo (AUS) is a marketing agency specialising in growth hacking for research and innovation. Their mission is tied to 3-Cs: CAPTURE + CREATE + CAPITALISE on the potential of Science and Deep Tech to thrive in the Lab-to-Market gap. At Reincarnate, they fast-track the transfer of knowledge between the project and its target stakeholders, funnelling the inwards-outwards value streams and capitalising on the results.

Reincarnate is a project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon EU programme. AUS has extensive experience as a partner in multiple European initiatives, with particular emphasis on European Commission grants. They re-think traditional marketing to adapt it to the flux of disruptive ideas, driving visibility, sustainability, and stakeholder take-in.

AUS leads WP6, which aims to design and execute dissemination and communication strategies to efficiently raise awareness about the project’s outcomes, promoting activities and results among the critical mass. Their first task involves the management and amplification of the ecosystem dynamics of Reincarnate, establishing a stakeholder collaboration framework. They design and operate an Agile Marketing Lab Framework to interact with target groups. In addition, AUS is scouting and creating collaboration links with a pan-European network of innovation ecosystems, targeting both the Construction Industry and the Technology providers.

Dissemination and communication of a project such as Reincarnate require a coordinated and fully-fledged master plan for accomplishment. Therefore, AUS has established a plan that describes the measures, channels, and strategies to build effective awareness of results that will help the audience understand the project. By implementing this plan, AUS facilitates the best use and uptake of the outcomes and research insights generated throughout the project’s lifetime, reinforcing the impacts targeted in the work plan.

To promote the project and its most remarkable outcomes, AUS is identifying and leveraging the best opportunities, including the participation of Reincarnate in meaningful events and contribution to scientific and technical publications. In addition, by working closely with all the partners, AUS communication and dissemination activities will have a cross-cutting influence over the work plan, maximising the project’s impact.

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