Our team

A diverse and
multidisciplinary team

16 organizations, including SMEs, large industries, RTOs and higher education establishments, and non-profits from 6 EU member states, plus Serbia and Hong Kong, are working together on this initiative.





From Poland to Austria — and from SMEs to non-profit organizations —, our team brings together strong expertise in large national and international innovation projects.

It represents all construction industry value chain actors and has the key competencies to develop this ambitious project.

Areas of expertise

  • Digital twins
  • Lifecycle prediction
  • Material assessment
  • Construction management
  • Architecture
  • Real estate management
  • Social sciences

Gender equity

Gender equity continues to be a challenge in construction. At Reincarnate, we have ensured that we have a gender-balanced team. More than 24 key persons (50% of all staff so far) involved in the project are females, holding leading positions and roles such as scientists, senior engineers, project managers, R&D specialists, technical support engineers, and communication managers. Within the framework of the project, we will strive to raise awareness about the need for greater equality in the construction sector and to see more women in it!

Systems Engineering and Material Science | Construction Materials

Real Estate | Architecture | Construction | Engineering

Computer Visions and Robotics Internet of Things and BIM

Social Science, Innovation Management and Standardization

Waste Management