During the following months, we introduce our team members through the “Behind Reincarnate” interview series. On this occasion, we have asked Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und – prüfung (BAM) from Germany to tell us about their work in Reincarnate. They are contributing their expertise on the recycling of building materials. Take a look at what Sabine Kruschwitz and Christoph Völker have told us:

Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und – prüfung (BAM) or the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, is a scientific and technical higher federal authority in the portfolio of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection. Their 1,600 employees test, research and advice to protect people, the environment and material goods, thus contributing to safety in technology and chemistry. At Reincarnate, they will provide insightful knowledge on recycling, materials, informatics, and sustainability based on proven data.

For over 150 years, BAM has been developing and validating analytical processes, test procedures and evaluation methods, models, and necessary standards. At Reincarnate, they play a crucial role in three WPs where materials science, engineering and chemistry are essential to achieve a greener construction industry. Specifically, they are involved in the development of the Circular Potential Information Management (CP-IM) WP1, Solutions for waste reduction and lifetime extension – WP2, as well as Solutions for adaptative reuse and recycling – WP3.

BAM, together with other partners, will establish the project circular economy concepts developed for buildings as part of the CP-IM to create an ontology for the circular management of buildings. Moreover, they are working on the Predictive Life-Cycle Information task to develop methods for the automated detection of construction components and materials in buildings. As experts in safety in technology, BAM will support the risk-based assessment and prediction of the lifetime, conducting machine learning methods that evaluate the potential of data-driven modelling.

In the Solutions for waste reduction and lifetime extension – WP2, BAM will lead the task of Material upgrade and reinforcement. Their purpose is to draw upon the CP-IM information about recyclables and materials developed and combine non-destructive data with advanced material models that incorporate information on the composition, chemical and mechanical properties. With this information, Reincarnate can provide precise models for the expected lifetime of construction material used within a building.

BAM’s thirty-year experience in digital materials testing data is key in the Solutions for adaptative reuse and recycling – WP3. They are leading the task on Recycled high-performance materials to explore the possibilities of building data-driven methods for determining the compressive strength, workability, and durability of recycled materials. In the end, they will produce advanced valuation models for recycled materials.

All in all, BAM will be supporting the coordination of our research project, focusing on recycling, material characterization and informatics for sustainability in construction. As a result, the information and technology created will help architects and engineers avoid planning errors during their design phase, which will make the construction sector more sustainable.

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