During the last months, we have met the team members through the “Behind Reincarnate” interview series.

Today, we have asked CEMEX Poland to tell us about their work with other partners on developing solutions to extend the life cycle of a building and, at the same time, reduce construction and demolition (C&D) waste.

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CEMEX is a leading sustainable construction material and solutions company with innovation and sustainability at its core working to create value for its stakeholders. Their commitment to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for the construction industry resonates with Reincarnate’s objectives of transforming the sector into a circular economy through social and technical means. 

The CEMEX company delivers high-quality products and services through a vertically integrated approach to production and distribution, combined with expertise in cement, ready-mix concrete, aggregates, and urbanization solutions. In our Horizon EU project, we count with the participation of CEMEX Poland and their expertise in concrete and aggregates. Their commitment to transforming construction materials design and production and their impact on the value chain makes them ideal members to achieve circularity and waste reduction in the industry.

CEMEX Poland will contribute to developing the Circular Potential Information Management (CP-IM) technologies to centralize all information required to assess the potential to avoid and make the best use of construction waste for a building. Furthermore, they will help us create the ontology, the knowledge domain that maps concepts related to destruction management. Moreover, they will participate in the tasks that entail developing technical solutions to collect status data from buildings throughout their life cycle and the predictive life-cycle information methods to automate the detection of construction components and materials. 

Reincarnate aims to develop solutions and possibilities to adapt buildings and their product to new uses in Work Package 3. CEMEX’s knowledge and experience in sustainable products and fuel-efficient cement production plant processes make them ideal partners to work on solutions for adaptive reuse and recycling. They believe in a more sustainable-by-design sector, then they will support the design of methods accounting for the availability of reusable building components and recyclables and the valuation of recycled materials.

CEMEX’s mission is to develop the next generation of building materials and ensure they are feasible at scale and across our markets. This is why at Reincarnate, they will contribute to all the tasks of Work Package 4 on “Social Economic and Market Innovations”. The first task is the adoption of circular innovations, the second is the circular economic appraisal solutions, and the third is business eco-systems for circular markets. 

All the innovations developed in Reincarnate will be tested in 11 real pilot projects, and CEMEX will participate actively in the training and standardization plan. Work Package 5 is dedicated to these demonstrations and aims to prove how construction waste can be reduced, both on the level of single buildings as well as across regional markets. 

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