Over the next few months, we will introduce our team members through the “Behind Reincarnate” interview series. We have asked Andre van Delft, Director of DEMO Consultants, and Samaneh Rezvani, a Senior Researcher, to tell us about their work in Reincarnate. They coordinate the technical part of the project and work with other IT partners to provide solutions related to the circular economy. Take a look at what they have told us:

Demo Consultants (DMO) is an independent consultancy (SME) dealing with strategic management, technical advice, and software modelling for the real estate sector. They create innovative software products, such as the Real Estate Suite. Expert systems with user-friendly apps, dashboards, and other practical features. Therefore, they will contribute to developing the Circular Potential Information Management (CP-IM) technologies, waste reduction solutions, adaptative reuse and recycling, and social, economic and market innovations.

Research is a fundamental part of Reincarnate, and DMO’s experience in this field is needed to develop the CP-IM, especially the ontologies, information models and inspection tasks. In addition, they lead the ontology for circular management of buildings deliverables that will formalize the knowledge required to apply Reincarnate’s concepts.

DMO has twenty-five years of experience in software development, which is why they will put digital tools for collecting and managing life-cycle assessment data for buildings management and launch the version CP-IM platform software.Throughout the project, this platform will continuously be improved with the help of other IT partners and adjusted to the emerging needs for enabling project innovations.

Creating portfolio management, strategic decision-making, and maintenance planning are some of the key areas of expertise of DMO. At Reincarnate, they will contribute to the Lean Construction Resource Planning concepts and methods for active waste reduction, the Decision Making for Real Estate Assets about the possibilities to reuse real estate space for different purposes and upgrading solutions for construction products.

DMO will contribute to the tasks in WP4 on Social, Economic and Market Innovation. This WP aims to develop social innovations to foster the widespread adoption of construction waste reduction concepts. Furthermore, with other partners, DMO will identify circular waste reduction practices outside and inside the EU to create tools for investment appraisal, such as our circular economic solutions ones,  supporting the development of business maturity models for our stakeholders.

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