During the last months, we have introduced our team members through the “Behind Reincarnate” interview series. Today, we have asked Piotr Dymarski, Head of the Digital Transformation Department at Mostostal Warszawa to tell us his work in Reincarnate. This company is one of the largest construction companies located in Poland. Take a look at what he has told us in this short interview:

Hi, Piotr Dymarski, can you tell us about your position at Mostostal Warszawa?

Hi, I am the Head of the Digital Transformation Department at Mostostal Warszawa, a construction company located in Poland. My department is responsible for testing and implementing new digital solutions within our company.

We would like to know more about your organisation, what are you focused on and what is your field of expertise?

Mostostal Warszawa is one of the largest construction companies based in Poland with an over 77 year history. We manage projects in multiple construction sectors including infrastructure, general construction, energy, as well as in sustainable building. My department is involved in implementing BIM and digital platforms on construction sites, in the tendering department, and the company as whole.

Now, how is this linked to Reincarnate? Can you explain the role you envision to play at Reincarnate?

As a construction company we need to be forward-looking as the market changes towards require more sustainability in the industry. Through Reincarnate we will be exchanging information on construction processes and putting new methods in practice on our construction sites, which will allow both us and the wider European construction community to learn new best practices in sustainable building.

What are the main actions/activities you are working/will work on in the project that you are most excited about?

Our main contributions to this project and something we are very excited is developing a methodology for calculating carbon footprint and the parametrization of BIM models to achieve that. Additionally, we will be working on tools related to the automated reporting of construction waste.

At Reincarnate, what is the positive impact you hope to generate? Do you feel optimistic about it?

We hope that through Reincarnate, we will be able to increase the acceptance and adoption of recycled materials in construction to minimize the carbon footprint of the industry.

How do you see the future of construction?

The construction sector, which has up to this point been regarded as quite conservative is currently undertaking a major transformation through the digitization of the industry. This has the potential to impact all aspects of the industry from the tools that are used to the method of communication as well as the social aspects related to the style of our work. BIM, digital building logbooks, common data environment platforms, and digital permits will all become standard in coming years.

What do you think are the biggest challenges to achieving a more circular construction sector? And the keys to solve them?

The biggest challenge to achieving a more circular construction sector is to make the use of recycled materials a more viable and economic option than the use of new materials. In the Reincarnate project we not only need to focus on the technology but also on the social aspects of the endeavour.

Do you know of any inspiring circular economy practices being implemented in construction? Tell us about them!

Part of a circular economy is try to increase the lifecycle of a building and its components as long as possible. We believe that a key to this is the use of BIM and digital twins which allow for easy tracking of building elements and installations. We have implemented solutions for our clients that allow them to keep track of building components including their state, maintenance schedule, as well as the utility usage for the building as a whole.

Do you have previous experience managing European projects? What is the most rewarding thing about it?

Our team at Mostostal Warszawa has contributed to many projects involving the digitalization of construction processes, something that has great potential to increasing sustainability in the industry. We see value in collaborating with partners from all over Europe, allowing us to see different perspectives and learn from them. Some of the projects we have participated in involved: the deep renovation of existing buildings, digital permits, construction health and safety, internet of things, and building information modelling.

To conclude, can you tell us three things the word ‘Reincarnate’ inspires in you? It can be linked to the project or not.

First,Recycling (repurposing buildings, recycling components and materials)

Second, Caring (taking care of ourselves and the planet)

Third, Reinvent (reinventing the traditional methods of work and construction as well as reinventing the use of materials)

Many thanks!

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