During the last few weeks, we have introduced our team members through the “Behind Reincarnate” interview series. Today, we have our partner, Ragn-Sells, to tell us about their philosophy and work in waste management. Take a look at their company:

Ragn-Sells Recycling AB (RAS) is a privately held corporate group operating in four countries (Sweden, Norway, Estonia, and Denmark). Since 1966 they have been involved in waste management, environmental services, and recycling. Based in Sweden, this family-owned third-generation company has kept a sustainability vision, which aligns with Reincarnate’s construction sector goals.

RAS is involved in WP1, which is the development of our Circular Potential Information Management (CP-IM) technologies, making the best use of construction waste for a building. In addition, they are leading the Circular Value Flow Planning Module that aims to produce the critical insights and methods to integrate the BIM-based information with the existing systems of waste management companies, construction products, and material suppliers.

In the WP2 about Solutions for waste reduction and lifetime extension, RAS will contribute to multiple tasks, providing their expertise in waste management. They are involved in building upgrade and renovation, upgrade solutions for construction products, and material upgrade and reinforcement tasks.

Reincarnate team is committed to transforming a circular economy by establishing a Reincarnation practice, giving new opportunities to buildings construction products and materials. RAS believes in a world where waste streams are replaced by fully integrated flows of circular resources between citizens, industries, and society and built on trust, partnerships, and sustainable solutions. Therefore, they will participate in WP3 called Solutions for adaptative reuse and recycling.

RAS’s approach to sustainability is to lead the transformation towards a circular society where we care for the environment, counter change, and help communities prosper. At Reincarnate, they will work with other partners in the Social Economic Market Innovations of WP4. These innovations will foster the widespread adoption of construction waste reduction concepts.

Reincarnate team members must demonstrate and standardize the new concepts and innovations to achieve their goals. Therefore, with all the partners, RAS will participate in the Circle market demonstrations task and the building and Construction demonstrations. Moreover, they will contribute to the Business process mapping and training materials that stakeholders can use to implement innovative circular processes of Reincarnate’s innovations as well as the Standardization plan, engaging with relevant standardization bodies.

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