Next 21 April we are celebrating World Creativity and Innovation Day and from Reincarnate we want to dedicate this month to ‘Digital Innovations’ that are facilitating the green transition in the construction industry. 

We are starting the article’s series on this topic by describing the digital innovations that the Reincarnate project will test with the following mission

  • maximize the cumulative virtues of a building, a building product, or a building material during its life;
  • establish a transparent track record of these virtues;
  • use this track record – and the high degree of reliability and trust that comes with it – to ensure that a building, building product, or building material can be reused at a high quality in an afterlife.

These means will come in the form of the Reincarnate Circular Potential Assessment Information Management and Decision-Making platform (CP-IM) and ten specific innovations removing the bottlenecks in current practice with respect to collecting and tracing information about construction and demolition waste (CDW), avoiding CDW in the first place, and being able to reuse CDW in high product quality. The means will also come in the form of several empirically proven social innovations to foster widespread adoption of reused construction products and materials and business ecosystem development frameworks to combine actors within sustainable value chains.

What are the ten Reincarnate process innovations for CDW management and reduction?

Reincarnate’s technical ambitions will lead to the following ten specific process innovations:

In the long term, it is estimated that these innovations will reduce construction waste by 80%, reuse what would otherwise be considered waste by 50%, and reduce the CO2 footprint of the construction sector by 70%.

Demonstration, piloting, and first market replication

Reincarnate is dedicated to demonstrating its innovations on real-world projects. To this end, eleven demonstration projects across Europe have been identified that will allow us to strongly demonstrate the Reincarnate methods and technologies on:

  • Single construction (renovation) projects
  • Within integrated circular business chains of contractors, real estate companies, and developers

Check the demonstrators on our website to learn more about our Reincarnation practice! 

Sixteen multidisciplinary organizations from eight countries have joined this initiative, including SMEs, large companies, universities, non-profit organizations and research institutes.


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