Last 21-22nd of November took place the Horizon4Poland event in Warsaw. Organised by the Łukasiewicz Research Network and the Industry Focal Points (ICP), the event addresses business and the scientific industry. By bringing the participants closer to the issues related to the Horizon Europe programme, the gathering makes it possible to get to know the offer of the ICP. It allows them to acquire an international partner. 

This year’s theme was Partnership is the new leadership, and the space connected entrepreneurs and leading institutions in the field of innovation in Poland with European partnerships and foreign partners. Ultimately, the organisers aim to increase the participation of Poland in Horizon Europe competitions and showcase successful cases. 

Alicja Kuczera, Chair of the GBC CEO Network at the World Green Building Council and CEO at PLGBC, presented our aim to develop a sustainable built environment. Furthermore, she presented her institution’s involvement in other Horizon Europe projects such as CIRCON, RetrofitHUB, TOP CLeveR, BuildingLife, FoCA, and Nebula, among others, very much aligned with Reincarnate’s core mission of transformation of the construction industry into circular. Moreover, Mrs Kuczera shared their decarbonisation roadmap, highlighting the industry’s critical role in the climate emergency.


“In order to drive and foster the transformation of the built environment we need ambitious projects and strong partnerships. The example of the Reincarnate project proves that cooperation can make real change and the innovations elaborated in the project will help introduce circularity in construction processes” stated Kuczera.

The event was an excellent opportunity to establish cooperation with other organisations and projects in Poland. The main partners were 12 partnerships made in Europe, among them Built4People, relevant to Reincarnate’s key areas, including sustainability, digitalization and construction.


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