On October 5th and 6th, the PLGBC Green Building Summit was held in Poland. It is the international sustainable building conference where keynote speakers of the industry share best practices and inspiration to learn and improve. Two Reincarnate partners were actively coordinating this important summit in the country, PLGBC as the main organizer and CEMEX Poland as a supporting partner.

Alicja Kuczera, CEO of PLGBC, affirmed “The 13th edition of our annual conference was again a great success. In the room we had almost 350 participants and 50 speakers. As it was a hybrid event, a big group also joined online. PLGBC Green Building Summit is the biggest conference of this kind in Poland and each year we inspire, showcase the best examples and projects and connect stakeholders of Polish buildings and construction sector. “

In one of the panels of the second day, Iwona Wagner-Gajewska from our partner CEMEX Poland had the opportunity to engage in discussions with Anna Bączyk (Dom Development),  Maciej Chrzanowski (CEE Cluster ArcelorMittal), and Joanna Sagan (AGH University of Krakow). They participated in the round table `Why aren’t we  building circular yet?” to share their experiences and developments in circular construction in Poland. In these talks, Wagner-Gajewska mentioned Reincarnate as one of the European projects her instuition is currently involved in promoting circularity in aggregates.

Recently, our partner CEMEX Poland added recycled aggregates to their product range, which aligns with their mission at the Reincarnate project. This practice of moving towards closed-loop materials provides several environmental, social and economic benefits to our stakeholders.

At Reincarnate, we will continue to participate and give visibility to our social and technical means to transform the European construction industry. Thanks to our partners in Poland, especially PLGBC, we were present at the most recognisable and opinionated international conference dedicated to the green building industry in Poland.

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