Reincarnate partners met in person in its first two-day physical meeting, hosted by TU Delft, on the 22nd and 23rd of September 2022.

We gathered to set the tone for tasks and activities which will take place during the first phase of the project.

After kicking off the project in June, representatives from all our partner organizations attended to discuss the roadmaps in order to start progressing on the first tasks and sharing the set of activities to be done to reach the upcoming milestone, which is the launch of the online version of the Circular Potential Information Model (CP-IM).

Over the next four years, we will present ten innovative solutions on a digital platform — the Reincarnate CP-IM — to evaluate the reuse potential of buildings and construction materials and test their effectiveness on real-world projects. Check here the solutions we are starting to develop.

During the two-day meeting, project partners could work together to strengthen links and develop creative ideas for successful project implementation.

The Reincarnate project, financed by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program, aims to develop innovative solutions to create a greener construction industry. Technical and social means to give new opportunities to buildings, construction products and materials, maximizing their life cycle and determining if they are suitable for reuse. In the long term, it is estimated that these innovations will reduce construction waste by 80%, reuse what would otherwise be considered waste by 50%, and reduce the CO2 footprint of the construction sector by 70%.

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Representatives of the Reincarnate team at the project’s first physical meeting in Delft (The Netherlands), September 2022.