From 21st to the 25th of November, Reincarnate was one of the promoters carrying out actions in the European Week for Waste Reduction. During this European campaign, Reincarnate has launched one podcast-pill a day leaving a key message: “there are social means and new opportunities for our products, materials, and buildings by establishing a reincarnation practice.” Watch the whole campaign below:


This year the European Week for Waste Reduction had a total of 30 countries involved and raising awareness about waste prevention. The construction sector is facing tremendous challenges. João Gonçalves from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam said: “construction and demolition waste is the most significant waste stream in the European Union, accounting for approximately 25-30% of all waste – some materials here cannot be separated meaningfully.”

Thousands of volunteers are spreading the word of a needed circular economy within the European Week for Waste Reduction. At Reincarnate, this is the right track to transforming the construction sector. Rebecca Markgren from Plan B expressed: “we must think strategically and advance circular economy practices feeding a closed cycle of extended use, reuse, and recycling.”

Reducing, reusing, and recycling materials are the objectives of the initiatives and projects presented at the European week. Our project proposes to establish a Reincarnation practice, “transmigration or resurrection, believing that the soul returns to life in another body/form after the body’s death”, mentioned Natalia Cediel from Australo. Led and inspired by this philosophy, “we will reduce construction and demolition waste by 80%.”, affirmed Carmen Serna from Australo.

All actions, such as Reincarnate’s, aimed to bring citizens, schools, businesses, NGOs, associations, and public and private entities together. From Spain to Hong Kong, and from SMEs to non-profits, Reincarnate is a good example of this diversity united to transform the construction industry, as Ilija Ilić from Austrian Standards stated.


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