REINCARNATE first scientific preprint is out! 

Data scientist researcher Christoph Völker and his colleagues from our partner Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und – prüfung (BAM) published the preprint scientific paper “Green building materials: a new frontier in data-driven sustainable concrete design”. The publication presents a novel approach to developing sustainable building materials through ecologically informed Sequential Learning. 

The research compiles large data sets with different types of alkali-activated building materials, including fly ash and blast furnace slag-based concrete, to evaluate this approach, conducting an extensive experimental study to compare the performance of the proposed material design methods under simulated laboratory conditions derived from real-world scenarios. The study challenges standard practices in data-driven materials development for buildings by suggesting that practical design frameworks are more crucial than accurate models and that the training data required may be much less than commonly suggested.

Ultimately, their work provides clear guidance on laying out the design process and suggests that the approach can be immediately applied to advance sustainable building material development significantly. Furthermore, their results indicate a significant reduction in development time, lower research costs, and straightforward predictions through sequential Learning. 

This work can and will be adapted to increase circular reuse of materials within Reincarnate.

Read the pre-print version of the paper here.

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