Last 19-20 June, our partner Polish Green Building Council PLGBC was participating at the Polish Real Estate Forum 2023, held at the Sheraton Hotel in Sopot, Poland. PLGBC assumed Honorary Patronage of the event.

This was the 13th edition of the real estate industry’s conference were Reincarnate was present among several hundred people who make up the Polish residential and commercial market. The Polish Real Estate Forum is the most important meeting of the real estate industry.  For two days in two lecture halls, participants listen to debates and lectures by more than a hundred experts in the residential and commercial market.

The conference was a two-day event and Dorota Bartosz, PhD, Director for Sustainable Construction at PLGBC and representatives of PLGBC Members participated at the panel “Green added value – circular economy, building adaptations, ESG” relevant to Reincarnate. The forum was a unique opportunity to make valuable business contacts. We had two days of invaluable knowledge and analytical data, guidance from real estate leaders and more and less formal networking in the unforgettable atmosphere of summer Sopot.

Also on the agenda were interesting topics such as: inflation in Europe and Poland, developers as city creators, joint venture, public-private partnerships, land absorption analysis using AI and VR, energy efficiency in housing, the rental market, shopping, leisure and work in the post-pandemic era, the warehouse market, greenwashing, the flexible office market, mortgages, building retrofits, modular construction, property management.

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