Interviewing Alicja Kuczera, CEO of Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC)

Every 24th of January, the UN observes the International Day of Education to raise awareness of the role of education in peace and development. This year 2023, marks the mid-point since the UN adopted the 2030 Agenda for people, planet and prosperity, whilst, in Europe, we kick start the European Year of Skills, opening new opportunities for people and the EU economy aligned to the green and digital transitions. These are essential to enhance the economy and social resilience.

Regarding the construction sector, there is room for innovations that can improve circular economy practices, considering that its waste makes up over one-third of total waste generation in the EU. Moreover, workers and newcomers with green and digital skills are needed to reincarnate the construction sector. Therefore, at Reincarnate, we strongly contribute to spreading our green and digital innovations using learning material to stakeholders of this industry.

PLGBC’s mission of upskilling and training 

At the frontline of this mission of training and educating stakeholders, we have our partner Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC). They will create knowledge based on the analysis and documentation of our demonstration activities that will be spread through interactive online training material using a dedicated teaching platform. 

To embrace this momentum, we interviewed Alicja Kuczera, CEO of partner PLGBC, responsible for developing online training material based on the innovations provided by our project. Learn more details about Reincarnate’s upskilling mission below:  

Hello Alicja, thank you for participating in this interview. 

What is the mission of PLGBC in all of this?

Hello and thanks for the invitation! 

As part of the business process mapping, our mission in the Reincarnate project is to develop interactive training material for the innovations provided online using a dedicated teaching platform. 

These activities will start in summer next year – in 2024 – when the innovations have acquired a greater level of development and we have the knowledge and the resources to successfully provide the dedicated training.

How are you planning to develop this task?

To provide low-threshold access to the solution, specific training material will be developed to streamline the transfer of technical knowledge to the workers, supporting the upskilling related to basic digital capabilities, operational upgrades, and generic consideration on the model.  Our training material will be designed considering non specialised profiles with the support from social innovation, directly translatable to other languages, and facilitated as part of the scope of the pilot demonstration. Also, we are planning to organise public webinars and live training modules that will be recorded and made available through an online training platform.

What’s the experience of PLGBC in providing training related to sustainable construction?

Each year PLGBC trains several hundreds of buildings and construction industry professionals. We provide different kinds of training in many forms: from general knowledge, through specific courses up to tailored training. For years we observed growing market demand for knowledge on sustainable built environment. What is more – issues concerning circularity in building context are becoming highly popular. With the current lack of such training (at least in Polish context), we are sure that industry will warmly welcome Reincarnate online training materials that will be developed in the project.

Who will be the target group of the Reincarnate training activities?

Particularly relevant will be small construction sites that struggle with digitalisation, defining their requirements, selecting the most appropriate technologies, planning, and initiating their strategy, so the training will be in place to fill their digital skills gap.

What is the goal that Reincarnate aims to achieve in this aspect?

Considering that in 2021, construction was one of the 28 occupations ranging from shortages and showing a growing demand for both high and low-skilled workers, our contribution to this pathway will be developing these interactive training materials provided online using a dedicated teaching platform. 

Thanks to this learning material, the knowledge created by the project will be at the disposal of all construction industry stakeholders.


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