On September 8th, the Reincarnate team convened in Rotterdam to conduct the “WP3 and WP4 Strategy Workshop” on innovative methods for adaptive reuse, recycling and social and market innovations for the project. Participants included members from Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), Technical University of Delft (TUD), Demo Consultants (DMO), as well as other Reincarnate partners, students and professionals from the business world. The aim was to align strategic priorities for Reincarnate.

The Erasmus University Rotterdam hosted the workshop with 20 participants. They were invited to discuss the technical and social solutions that our project will bring to the construction industry. During the session, the speakers presented solutions and possibilities to adapt buildings and their products to new uses. They also discussed developing new innovative methods to design high-performance materials from recyclables.


The host university is developing social innovations to encourage the widespread adoption of construction waste reduction concepts. Students and business professionals discussed Reincarnate’s social approach and technology adoption. The university plans to develop social innovations that combine social-behavioural and economic solutions. These innovations include establishing regional circular markets, appraising the monetary value of circular products, and supporting the adoption of circular innovations. 

Thanks to the workshop, the team behind Reincarnate gained insights into barriers to circular solutions adoption and building a thriving ecosystem for a greener construction industry, including aspects such as quality assurance and warranties on reused components and materials.


João Gonçalves, Assistant Professor at the Erasmus University Rotterdam highlighted: “During this project stage, it was crucial to hold a focus group discussion to explore the current barriers to adoption, plan a strategy session for the REINCARNATE Knowledge Hub, and conduct a workshop on strategies for various adaptive reuse scenarios. As a result, we identified a set of key barriers to circularity and potential solutions, developed a draft strategy explorer for the Reincarnate business ecosystem, and determined preferred strategies for building reuse, retainment and deconstruction.”


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