On November 7th, partners Ragn-Sells and Plan B gathered at the Väderholmen office near Stockholm, Sweden, to hold a workshop. The focal point of the workshop was the discussion of processes for product and component reuse, as well as parameters to evaluate reusability. This initiative aligns with the adaptive reuse and recycling framework of WorkPackage 3 (WP3), led by the Technical University of Delft.

Reincarnate’s objective is to explore technical and social means to transform the construction industry into circular. These solutions include opportunities for adapting buildings and their components to new uses, pioneering innovative methods for designing high-performance materials derived from recycled sources. 

In collaboration with other project members, Plan B is dedicated to developing the conceptual framework that facilitates the de-installation of building products and components, allowing for their reuse in other structures without compromising product quality. Thus, the workshop served as an ideal platform for comprehensive discussions on the fully integrated flows of circular resources.

The workshops consisted of the discussion of process maps and concepts for reusing building products and components, as well as the parameters for assessing reusability. In addition BIM for circular value flow planning was discussed, a topic which will be further developed in the next stage of the Reincarnate project. As a result, the concepts and process maps are adjusted and validated.

The initial focus of this effort will be on the most common building components, starting with windows, façade elements, and HVAC components. To ensure the effectiveness of these approaches, a user group is partner Ragn-sells. They play a crucial role in validating the developed methods through practical application and feedback, thanks to their waste management expertise. 

“It is extremely valuable to collaborate closely. The project enables the members of the consortium to discuss crucial matters and to develop ideas and concepts for a more sustainable and circular future together. We highly appreciate the feedback and input we received from Ragn-Sells” states  Carolin Röske, Digitalisation Leader at Plan B.

In essence, the workshop and the ongoing collaborative efforts are contributing to the advancement of sustainable practices in adaptive reuse and recycling. By addressing the challenges associated with product and component reuse, we aim to pave the way for a more circular and environmentally conscious approach to the construction industry. We will continue to actively shape the future of construction by fostering innovation and sustainability in every step of the building lifecycle.



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