On 16 May, buildingSMART Polska organised the second edition of the Polish conference on #openBIM in Warsaw. Various stakeholders from the innovative construction sector, including industry professionals, standards experts, service providers, public administration, investors and academia, gathered to explore more creative, cheaper and innovative construction methods.

Following the successful presentation of Reincarnate at the first edition, our partners from PLGBC, CEMEX Polska and Mostostal Warszawa attended the conference to continue promoting our more sustainable and digital innovations.


Sustainability is a priority for our partner CEMEX Poland, which brings its expertise to Reincarnate. During the conference, CEMEX presented its BIM solutions and Vertua product portfolio at a dedicated stand in the Copernicus Science Centre. CEMEX collaborated with stakeholders on their contributions to the Reincarnate project, including the development of lower-carbon concrete products and the use of recycled aggregates.

“We have been delighted with the positive reception of the Reincarnate project, in particular the interest in the innovative solutions we are developing and our demonstrators across Europe, including at the University of Warsaw,” – said Alicja Brachaczek-Jokel, Sustainable Construction and Engineering Design Specialist at CEMEX Poland.

The conference included panels relevant to the Reincarnate project, such as Challenges of embedded carbon footprinting – a proposal for a product data template using CCI classification and the IFC standard by Joanna Czernikiewicz, Magdalena Pyszkowski and Elżbieta Wielechowska. BIMCorner and ‘OpenBIM education and certification’ by Celine Bent of BuildingSmart International. The latter is a key topic for our partner PLGBC, an active partner of buildingSMART Poland, whose role in the Reincarnate project is to develop training materials and build synergies with organisations that share our values, providing skills and knowledge to transform the sector. Our partner will begin designing interactive training materials for Reincarnate innovations later this year.

“For years, we have been observing a growing market demand for knowledge in the field of sustainable construction. At Reincarnate, we want to provide training support to non-specialist profiles, as such training is lacking, at least in the Polish context.” – emphasises Alicja Kuczera from PLGBC.

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